Musculoskeletal Medicine (MSM) is not a recognised speciality in Australia.  Interested doctors can still undertake the University of Otago distance taught Diploma and Masters programmes in Musculoskeletal and Pain Medicine

The Australian Association of Musculoskeletal Medicine (AAMM) is the organisation for collegial support, conferences and information for General Practitioners and others with a Special Interest in MSM and offers a Certificate in Musculoskeletal Medicine

There are many ways to practise varieties of Musculoskeletal/Pain Medicine in Australia, such as via Sports Medicine, General Practice, Rehabilitation Medicine and the Faculty of Pain Medicine. You will need to choose your best pathway.

Rehabilitation Medicine Pathway Information

There is an under-recognised but accepted way to develop such expertise, and unlike all other options, this comes with an attendant Consultant (not just Specialist) rate of remuneration. That is via Rehabilitation Medicine Fellowship training.

It is possible to customise a training program orientated towards Musculoskeletal and Pain Medicine in the four years of training. Although it is under the RACP, the programme is independently managed via the Australasian Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine and offers a pathway in from other branches of medicine.


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