Path to Fellowship

Clinical Training Course for Fellowship in Musculoskeletal Medicine

1. Become Member of the the Association (NZAMM) – having completed MSMX701 & MSMX711 DipMSM(Otago)
    a. Complete NZAMM membership application form + fee 
    b. Two current financially paid up Members to nominate you

2. Apply to do Training Course
   a. Application Form + fee
   b. Receive Summary of Training
   c. Provide necessary supporting information as per application
   d. Return to Administrator

3. Acknowledgement
   a. Will be sent to you by Administrator on receipt of Application within 5 working days
   b. Will give time frames for processing Application by Board of Censors (Summary of Application Time Frames for prospective trainnes)
   c. Will receive a notice of Acceptance for an Interview (or Decline if not suitable) 
   d. If accepted will be given date/place of interview by Panel (in person or by telecommunication) & forwarding of the Full Training Manual

4. Interview
   a. Will be a structured interview following a Faculty developed protocol 
   b. Panel of Three from Board of Censors/Training Committee, or if by telecommunication, preferably with one panel member personally present

5. Acceptance
   a. Formal letter of acceptance/decline into training program
   b. Meeting with Director of Training and Supervisor to review Portfolio and how to action the various elements of the Training Program     
      i. Rotation through Training posts
      ii. Elective placements
      iii. Study & retreat commitments
      iv. Syllabus and core references
      v. Individualised Timeline
      vi. MoU (or contract) signed by both parties
   c. Presented with personal Portfolio of Learning
       i. Determines which elements of training already “met”
       ii. Prior experience may determine which elements of the Training Program will need to be undertaken
   d. Receive an Approval to Commence Training e. Names of your Supervisor & Mentor

6. Fees:
   a. Annual Training fee – includes CPD (Comprises both Annual Membership fee as per Fellows & Accreditation Levy)
   b. Retreat Fees as per Fellows
   c. To be paid within one month of invoice

7. In Training:
   a. Maintain and submit 3 monthly Case Log, Log of Clinical Proficiency/ Portfolio of Learing to Supervisor
   b. Complete and submit to Supervisor Trainee Placement Reports
   c. Maintain Annual CPD reporting and submit to Administrator each year, along with APC/evidence medical indemnity
   d. Attendance at Retreats and Training Days
   e. Review of learning requirments, identification of deficits and plan to address these
   f. Annual review with Supervisor/DoT with annual Approval to Continue Training being given
   g. Preparation for Fellowship Examinations

8. Disputes Be aware of process for resolving disputes
     i. Mentor
    ii. Board of censors

9. Final Examination
   a. Apply to FAFMM for membership
   b. The DoT will forward a “Candidate ready to be Examined” notice to Board of Censors via the Administrator
   c. Receive an Invitation to be Examined from BoC, with time & place
      i. If deferment then BoC & Supervisor will formulate program to satisfactorily complete training to the standard required, or preparedness for examinations
      ii. Examination date to be set within 2 months of receipt of candidates readiness for examination
   d. Fellowship examination – 2 parts - + fee
      i. by 2 hour, 100 question MCQ (as described in training manual)
      ii. by oral viva e. The oral viva will only be offered upon successful completion of the written examination. The oral viva is to be offered within 3 months of successful completion of the written examination

10. Awarding of the Fellowship 
   a. Letter to candidate of either successful in obtaining Fellowship in Musculoskeletal Medicine, or unsuccessful
   b. Letter to NZAMM advising that the Candidate was successful and can be awarded a CAMM
   c. Letter from Censor in Chief to MCNZ advising them that the candidate has been awarded Fellowship/CAM in Musculoskeletal Medicine. (to be done within 1 month of passing 
  d. Formal presentation of Fellowship at next Faculty Retreat
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