Past Events 2013

Australian Association of Musculoskeletal Medicine (AAMM) Annual Scientific Meeting 2013

"Burning Issues in Musculoskeletal Medicine"

What works at the Frontline

40th AAMM Scientific Conference

Dates: 11-13th October 2013

Workshops: 9-10th October 2013

AFMM Retreat: 10th October 2013 (Contact Sue Jansen

Venue: Fairmont Resort, Leura, Blue Mountains, NSW

More Infomation:

AFMM Spring Retreat 10th October 2013

Venue: Fairmont Resort, Leura, Blue Mountains

Contact: Ms Sue Jansen,

NATIONAL PAIN WEEK: Monday 22 to Sunday 28 July, 2013

The third annual National Pain Week, organised by Chronic Pain Australia, a non-profit consumer organisation, will take place from Monday 22 July to Sunday 28 July, 2013.
A startling statistic - Eighty percent of Australians suffering from chronic pain (16 percent of the national population – almost 4 million people) do not have adequate access to treatment for their pain.
Chronic pain - defined as a pain that doesn't go away when an illness or injury has resolved and which is experienced daily for more than 3 months - is a serious condition affecting one in three Australians (a sizable increase from around one in five just over a decade ago). It is estimated it costs Australians $34 billion per year in health care, out of pocket expenses, lost income and lower economic productivity.
This year a "CyberFest of Hope" will allow interested person to view via the internet free programs about pain treatments, management strategies, the latest research and to enjoy using the internet to make connections with others around the nation. The NBN city of Armidale in NSW will be the hub for this cyber event.
For those without internet access, Chronic Pain Australia has reached out to local libraries to ask them to make their computers available for people in pain to see these programs. We encourage those people without internet service to contact their local library and ask them to contact Chronic Pain Australia by email:
A media kit with the program and posters and details how their library members can watch the Pain Seminars on the library internet will then be sent.
To log on to each program, all a person has to do is go to:

Full program listing: 11am each day


Monday, 22 July - Post Traumatic Stress Disease (PTSD) and chronic pain
What is the prevalence, what is the physiology, what can be done?
Tuesday, 23 July - Who cares for the carers of people in pain?
The impact of living with and witnessing the pain of the other. The development of pain in the carer and what can be done about it. Featuring Dr Coralie Wales, President of Chronic Pain Australia.
Wednesday 24 July - Medical acupuncture
What is it? How do people know whether an acupuncturist is "good"? What is the training of a Medical Acupuncturist? How does it work and what can I expect? Featuring Dr Ian Relf, President of the Australian Medical Acupuncture College
Thursday 25 July - What is a pain program?
Where do I find it? A review of a range of programs from hospital based, peer led, online. What is the research to support them and how do I know if one will work for me? Featuring Prof Phillip Siddall
Friday 26 July - Treatments for pain
Including physiotherapy, psychological, medicines, lifestyle strategies including diet, physical activity, meaningful goals. Stories from people in pain about their usefulness or not. Featuring Prof Garry Egger, Feldenkrais professiona
Saturday 27 July - Pain after cancer
Ms Petrea King shares her ideas with Dr Coralie Wales, what causes pain after cancer, how do people deal with it?

Chronic Pain Australia

Chronic Pain Australia is a consumer organisation, incorporated in 2006 to become a strong voice for Australians experiencing chronic pain. Chronic Pain Australia was a lead organisation in developing the Australian National Pain Strategy, having partnered with the Faculty of Pain Medicine and the Australian Pain Society. Its’ Mission is to reduce the unnecessary suffering and isolation caused by chronic pain in the Australian community so that no Australian living with persistent pain should suffer alone or without access to resources and information which help them effectively manage their pain in a manner promoting dignity and self-respect, regardless of age, gender, culture, belief, socio-economic or compensation status.
Chronic Pain Australia is attempting to reduce the stigma surrounding the lived experience of pain. 

The organisation is separately incorporated and managed by a Board of Directors. Board members contribute a range of expertise including business, legal, financial, clinical. The organisation is further supported by consultants who work on sub-committees to the board and by an International Advisory Panel of expert academics, clinicians and consumer advocates.
Issued on behalf of Chronic Pain Australia.
Media Contact: Maggie Lanham - 02 9975 7569 / 0412 281 277 /

AFMM Winter 2013 Retreat

Friday 28th - Sunday 30th June 2013

Venue: The Gladstone Room, Auckland Rose Park Hotel, 92-102 Gladstone Road, Parnell, Auckland

Contact: Ms Sue Jansen

Accommodation: Auckland Rose Park Hotel, Ph 0800 886 061


New Zealand Pain Society 38th Annual Scientific Meeting

Auctely Chornic : Chronically Acute

Bridging the Divide

Claudelands, Hamilton NZ

18-21 April 2013


AFMM Summer 2013 Retreat

Christchurch, New Zealand

Friday 8th - Sunday 10th March 2013

The Tower Room, Chateau on the Park, 189 Dean's Avenue, Riccarton, Christchurch

Contact: Sue Jansen

Related Files: Chch_Retreat_Programme_-Final_-_3_March_2013.pdf


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