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AFMM March 2008 Retreat - 13th-15th March, 2008

Our next retreat is planned to be concurrent with the NZ Pain Society Annual Scientific Meeting in Auckland at which a number of our Fellows will be presenting workshops (on the Saturday afternoon) (see
The meeting is Thursday 13th March through to Saturday 15th March, at The Langham Hotel, Auckland. The retreat will be planned to be around this time and concurrent with parts of the conference. It will either be at the same venue or nearby. As well as an opportunity to present white papers, topics of interest, and case studies, it is also an opportunity to upgrade white papers and the syllabus, particularly now that the registrar programme is up and running.
Please mark 13th-15th March 2008 in your diary now!
With the registrar training having started in New Zealand, we envisage holding a minimum 4 retreats per year in NZ.
Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any comments or queries.
Grant Thompson
Honorary Secretary, AFMM

Auckland Retreat 2008 March – Update

Dear Colleague,
As previously notified, we are holding a Retreat in Auckland concurrent with the Annual Scientific Meeting of the New Zealand Pain Society, 12-15th March 2008. The conference is entitled "Pain - Breaking Down the Barriers". It is heavily supported by ACC. This is an excellent opportunity for us to network with colleagues in the NZ Pain Society and ACC and a good chance for us to "break down any barriers"! The relationships with ACC and with other colleagues working in the Pain field is essential to our future and it is vital that we maintain our profile with these groups.
The official conference opens Thursday, 13th March, with the morning session looking at the neurobiology of pain, and the afternoon concentrating on barriers to return to work, and complementary therapies. We are involved with presenting the management of chronic musculoskeletal pain on the Saturday.

The conference details and registration is available at -
We suggest holding the Retreat on the Thursday afternoon and all day Friday, at a venue near the Pain conference. Those wishing to attend any of the pain conference presentations will be able to.

There are a number of topics for the retreat including -
Registrar training - planning intense sessions.
Where are we heading? Looking at the future of musculoskeletal medicine in Australasia.
Promotion of Musculoskeletal Medicine
Updating the Musculoskeletal syllabus and, from this, developing a training curriculum.
Case Presentations.
White Paper & Topic Presentation.

Please confirm your attendance to the Retreat to myself or Dr Mark Johnston.
Kind regards,

Grant Thompson
Honorary Secretary

The Australian Musculoskeletal Medicine Conference: 17-19 October 2008, Melbourne

The Australian Musculoskeletal Medicine Conference
Low Back Pain and Sciatica Current Evidence and Management
The Australian Musculoskeletal Medicine ConferenceThe Sebel, Albert Park Queens Road, Melbourne
17-19 October 2008
Combined meeting of:
Australasian Faculty of Musculoskeletal Medicine
Australian College of Physical Medicine
New Zealand Association of Musculoskeletal Medicine
Australian Association of Musculoskeletal Medicine (37th Annual Meeting)
Full details and information please read the accompanying PDF Flyer below.
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